Expressive Writing is creative or imaginative writing and storytelling, usually arising directly from life experience, which allows for thoughts and feelings to be expressed as part of the writing. It uses a series of short, interesting, easy to follow writing exercises to encourage the expression of all kinds of emotions, happy ones and sometimes sad or angry ones, and in doing so has been shown to improve well-being and a greater sense of control over those emotions.

Expressive Writing has been used successfully for many years to help people facing difficult circumstances, for example military veterans, refugees and women and children who are victims of violence. The exercises and information on this website have been especially adapted by the researchers for use online. There are exercises specially created for care workers and their exercises for anyone who needs help. 

The first thing to do is read through the information on the Consent Form by following the link below. Then watch the video and read the section on "How to use this site." Then register and create an account so you can access the exercises. You can register as a Care Worker or as an Private Individual. 


Helps support well-being and speed recovery for people dealing with stressful situations


Encourages the expression of all kinds of emotions, happy ones and sometimes sad or angry ones,


Enables coping mechanisms, making it easier to think about what may come next in life.


This brief video explains how to use this web site. There are a few simple steps to follow. You must first read and complete the consent form. You then need to create an account as either a Care Worker of an Individual. As part of this process you will give consent to our researchers to  review your exercises. Everything is anonymous. We also offer general feedback on the Feedback page. Once you have given your consent and created your account you can then access the expressive writing exercises and save them to your account so you can return as often as you like to work on them.

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